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Klima-Therm Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Klima-Therm, the General Representative of the Japanese company Fujitsu General in Poland, Scandinavia, Finland and the countries of the Baltic region, has been active in the HVACR sector since 1996. The company is a supplier of superior quality air conditioning, ventilation, cooling and heating solutions. The flagship brands distributed by Klima-Therm include Fujitsu, Kaisai, Klima-Therm by Clint and Klima-Therm by Sabiana.

The company’s wide-ranging product portfolio incorporates Split and Multi Split air conditioners, Airstage VRF systems, chilled water systems and heat pumps. As an umbrella brand, Klima-Therm is an international capital group that brings together entities based in Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and in North America.

Klimor Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

A company with traditions and the producer of the first Polish air handling unit. The enterprise was founded in 1967 in Gdynia and has been a part of Klima-Therm Group since 2010. Klimor operates three production plants located in Gdynia, Pszczółki and Skowarcz.

The brand boasts an extensive selection of modern air conditioning and ventilation units, as well as a group of special-purpose products – dedicated to the so-called clean sectors (hospitals, laboratories), rooms characterised by high humidity (indoor swimming pools) and production halls. The principal product range is complemented by solutions designed for the shipbuilding industry.

Klimor USA, Inc. (North America)

The founding of Klimor USA in 2016 is closely connected with the strategy of Klima-Therm Group, which aims to increase its production activity and open up to new customers and markets outside Europe. In order to meet the specific needs of investors in North America, a dedicated series of Klimor EVO air conditioning and ventilation products has been developed.

The units come in 19 sizes, from 600 to 25.000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute; ft3/min = ~1,000 ÷ 45,000 m3/h). Klimor USA operates in the United States and Canada based on a network of independent representatives consisting of as many as 70 partner branches.

Klima-Therm AB (Sweden)

This Swedish distribution company belonging to Klima-Therm Group – previously operating as FG Nordic – was founded in 2004 in Gothenburg. Klima-Therm AB offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning systems for office and industrial use, as well as domestic solutions from brands such as Fujitsu, Fuji Electric, MTA, Kaisai and Emicon.

With the acquisition of Skiab in 2016, the General Distributor of Clivet chilled water systems, the company has increased its recognition in the Swedish market by serving approximately 750 customers. For several years now, Klima-Therm AB has been actively pursuing its development, which is evidenced by its systematic increase in revenue.

Klima-Therm OY (Finland)

This subsidiary – which operated as FG Finland before the rebranding process – was established in 2004 in Helsinki. As the exclusive distributor of Fujitsu, General and Fuji Electric air conditioning systems on the Finnish market, the company effectively bolsters Klima-Therm Group’s position in Nordic countries with regard to the sale of comfort air conditioning systems, including the popular ecological air-to-water heat pumps.

Klima-Therm OY continues to develop by skillfully adjusting its product portfolio to the current market demands. The main objective of the company is to achieve the leading share in Finland’s heating and cooling sector.

Klima-Therm (Estonia)

The Estonian company Klima-Therm (formerly FG Baltics) is headquartered in Tallinn. Since 2008, the company has been active on the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets as the General Representative of Fujitsu, General and Fuji Electric.

The company portfolio includes air conditioning systems dedicated to large facilities and solutions designed for individual customers. Klima-Therm primarily distributes air-to-water heat pumps as well as Split and Multi Split air conditioners. On the Estonian market, Klima-Therm collaborates with its strategic trade partner, FSK .

Klima-Therm GmbH (Germany)

Klima-Therm in Germany was established in June 2018 in Dortmund under the name KAISAI (Euro) GmbH. Its primary objective was to introduce KAISAI brand of air conditioning units and heat pumps in Germany and Austria. With business development, the company has extended its portfolio of equipment distributed in Western Europe, including by Klimor brand.

The entity has been operating under the brand Klima-Therm since January 2022. The rebranding to Klima-Therm GmbH is a natural consequence of the dynamic business process in German-speaking countries, and further plans for the Group’s international expansion.